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Corneal Diseases and Management in the Geriatric Population

Editor : Büşra Dilara YILDIRIM
Publisher: MediHealth Academy
ISBN : 978-625-98719-5-0
Pages : 64
Language: English
Printed Date : 2024

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Dear Readers
Advances in medicine and technology have led to an increase in the average human lifespan. Increasing life expectancy has caused an increase in the geriatric (elderly) population, defined as those aged 65 years and over. Health problems in the geriatric population are observed in a unique and wide range in every field of medicine, and they also have an essential role in the field of ophthalmology. Cataracts, glaucoma, corneal opacities, age-related macular degeneration, and other causes of blindness and low vision are more frequently observed in the geriatric population. Corneal and ocular surface diseases are essential in geriatric patients, as they cause blindness and low vision, and are important in hospital admissions and hospitalizations.  
Many valuable and essential books on corneal and ocular surface diseases have been published internationally. This book is essential because it only compiled corneal and ocular surface diseases that are common in the geriatric population. This book discusses corneal and ocular surface diseases in the geriatric population in terms of epidemiology, pathogenesis, risk factors, classification, clinical diagnosis, and current treatment 
developments. We hope that the book will help and guide ophthalmologists, geriatricians, and many clinicians working in this field regarding the ophthalmological problems they encounter.
We are pleased to share our books with the readers. I would like to thank the valuable authors who wrote the chapters of this book and shared their experiences in their fields with us. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the managers, editors, and all publishing house employees for their efforts in publishing this book.

Spec. Büşra Dilara YILDIRIM ERDAL, MD
Ankara, 2024

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