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Retinal Diseases and Management in the Geriatric Population

Editor : Mehmet ÇITIRIK
Publisher: MediHealth Academy
ISBN : 978-625-98719-6-7
Pages :187
Language: English
Printed Date : 2024

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To My Beloved Wife, My Precious Daughter and My Precious Son,

Dear Readers
At a time when the change in current information is accelerating, attempts to compile new information and present it in book form are emerging.
There are many national and international books in the field of ophthalmology. A significant portion of these contain valuable information. However, no book covers retinal diseases that can only be seen in people of geriatric age. In general, articles in thisfield only address diseases that occur at relevant ages, and this is insufficient to describe all diseases at the mentioned age and period. Based on this, we prepared a book titled "Retinal Diseases and Management in the Geriatric Population.”
This book has been prepared as an ideal book for ophthalmologists, retina specialists, geriatricians, and those working in these fields. We hope that this book will be a good resource and of great benefit.
We are happy to share our book with the readers. I would like to thank all the authors who shared their book chapters with the academic world through their publishing houses. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the managers, editors, and employees of the publishing house for allowing us to publish these articles.

Prof. Mehmet ÇITIRIK
Ankara, 2024

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